How to have a NO SCREEN Summer!

  Hey all! Today I wanted to share my 'No Screen' lists with you! I originally put together a list of activities for my toddlers to do this summer... Just a list of ideas I can quickly access when an, 'I'm boreeedd!' moment kicks in. And then I thought, 'Dude, I should make for my [...]

All Natural Eczema Lotion

My little Mister Man, has some bought's of  eczema every so often... It's very annoying. I feel bad for the little fella... Anyhoo-- I know they sell eczema lotion in-store, but I really like to do things the hard way. 😉 Psych, I really just want to use natural products in my home and cheapest way [...]

Homeschooling Supplies & Organization

I know it sounds crazy, but I have been working with my daughter's 'homeschooling' since she was a year old! Now, I didn't sit and give her lectures, I just would flip through some flashcards, do crafts puzzles, and any other sort of age appropriate activities that she thought was fun and... it secretly taught her [...]

Mother’s Day Prep For Dads!!

If you're a momma reading this post, don't you dare! This is for the daddy's trying to prep one epic Mother's Day for you! If that sounds like something you want, you can share this post with the hubby, but don't you dare spoil it by reading the rest. 😉 Of course, go check out [...]

We found out!!

Okay, seriously. The hubby and I really wanted to do a gender reveal party! I had even planned on doing a whole post on budget party planning that looks fabulous... I even started shopping for it already! And then I went to my sonogram appointment... And I'll be honest, I knew the gender from the [...]